GEM Warm up party
25 GEL
Silk Factory Studio
30 June, 2017 22:30

"GEM Warm up party"

Where: Silk Factory Studio, 59 Kostava str. Tbilisi, Georgia. Built in 1892, the building hosting the studio is actually an industrial heritage site of Georgia – once home of a proclaimed silk factory. Silk Factory Studio has the sound recording, commercial and film shooting studios along with variety of exhibitions and performances. Now it hosts " GEM Warm up party".



Ø Stimmhalt

Ø Nuno Dos Santos

Ø Noxiron

Ø Daria Zet


Nuno Dos Santos 


This Portugal-born Dutch national has a cheeky charm about him that is difficult to escape and that works so well in his favor when taking control of the decks. Whether it’s running his own label “Something Happening Somewhere,” producing music, or DJing, you can feel that Nuno is utterly in love with what he does. Nuno Dos Santos is also an acclaimed producer who has worked both solo and in collaboration with artists like Patrice Baumel, Estroe and TJ Kong (with whom he released the broadly praised full length album, After Dark, My Sweet in 2010) and has done so on established labels like Compost, Planet E, Green Records, Traum and Connaisseur. His sound is created using his deep knowledge of music and veers from sublime techno to more emotional house as exemplified by classic tracks like ‘Merging’, ‘Hamming’ and ‘Mon Toy.’ Proof of his abilities comes from the fact that he headlines the most upbeat clubs around Europe and America. Nuno has also been a resident and key figure at legendary clubs Trouw and Club 11, Amsterdam, where his unique sense of musical storytelling have developed and bloomed over the years.