Kobuleti Ozone Fest 2018

Event by: Altervision Group

Kobuleti Pinewood, Kobuleti Pinewood, Kobuleti

17:00 Saturday, 25 August, 2018


II კალათა - ₾ 45 Sold Out

Sold Out

ბილეთი + ტრანსფერი
ბილეთი + ტრანსფერი - ₾ 75 Sold Out

Sold Out


Dear friends, as you know a new festival - Kobuleti Ozone Fest was to be held on 25th of August. We are very sad to announce that due to number of unexpected circumstances, the festival making process was delayed, which rose a risk that the festival could not be conducted properly. Kobuleti Ozone Fest will not be held this year and we will try to move the idea of the festival for more appropriate time.
We deeply apologize to everyone who was going to attend the festival. We hope that invited bands – DDt and Nemra will perform on next Tbilisi Open Air. Negotiations are already in progress.
For those who have already purchased Kobuleti Ozone Fest 2018 tickets we offer the following choice: 

I. Ticket price refund
II. Tbilisi Open Air 2019 3-day pass

- In case of first choice, the money paid in tickets will be refunded from 21 August 12:00 till 28 August 18:00.

Please address on their contact email with a request for a ticket refund. Send the email information, from which you have made the purchase. The money will be returned to the account from where the transaction happened (from 21 August 12:00 till 28 August 18:00).

- Please remember and use the indicated deadlines if you want money refund. If the deadline of 28 August 18:00 has passed, it will automatically mean that you choose second option and you will receive Tbilisi Open Air 2019 3-day pass.
- In case of second choice, we will send you Tbilisi Open Air 2019 3 day pass no earlier than 10 days and no later than 3 days before the festival. 

- This information will be sent to your email, which you indicated when buying the ticket. 

Once again we deeply apologize for this situation and await you on Tbilisi Open Air 2019.  

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