T.E.S / Tbilisi experimental sound
13 October, 2017 21:00 / 14 October, 2017

Friday september 13: Ben Wheeler and Irakli Abramishvili & David Datunashvili .

Ben Wheeler is a musician, composer, and ethnomusicologist whose work features the influence of disparate global traditions meshed with experimental techniques and aesthetics. He is also the co-founder of Mountains of Tongues, an organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of the diverse musical traditions of the Caucasus region. Compilations of his field recordings have been released internationally in multiple forms (LP, CD, Tape). As a composer and musician, he has performed and written for a diverse selection of bands and released multiple solo albums under his own name. He is heavily involved with the experimental music scene in Tbilisi, performing regularly both as a solo performer and in collaboration with local musicians at venues and festivals around Georgia. He has compiled mixtapes for both Danarti magazine and Daira podcast and is the creator and host of the radio program Caucasus all Frequency on Radio GIPA 94.3. 
Live at:
11th: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-kpCg2089M&t=341s

Irakli Abramishvili and David Datunashvili:
David Datunashvili and Irakli Abramishvili started their collaboration in 2014. Since than they have recorded 2 albums and performed at various events. They play improvised, experimental music, which includes noise, ambient, drone and rhythmical elements from many genres. The duo use guitars as main source of their live performance, mixing it with other electronic instruments and various field recordings.


Saturday september 14: Num and PERMEATE.

NUM (Milad & Mariam):
NUM is an Iranian electronic duo based in Tbilisi. The duo was formed in 2010 by Milad Bagheri and Maryam Sirvan in north of Iran where the Alborz mountains meet the Caspian sea. NUM's music is a combination of processed acoustic sounds, field recordings, programmed electronic beats and live vocals. The duo always try to make unique atmospheres and personal sonic visions. They try to take the audience to a journey through different soundscapes.

Permeate is an Electronic music duo founded by Parsa Shomali (Composer, Sound Artist, Perforner) and Mehdi Mohammadi Sanj (Producer, Sound Designer) based in Tehran, Iran. Experimental/ Minimal Techno & IDM/ Glitch is mainly what they're doing and bringing such music with abstract and psychedelic visuals together gives audience a unique audiovisual experience.