Khidi, V. Bagrationi Bridge, Tbilisi, Tbilisi

20:00 Thursday, 24 October, 2019


Circe – Experimental Platform for Dance and Theatre and Goethe-Institut Georgien presents

performance and music concert:

Performance by Yuko Kasesi - W!O!man MADe - 20:00

Music concert by Valerie Renay - 22:00


Date: 24 October

Hour: 20:00

Address: Club KHIDI

Vakhushti Bagrationi Bridge, right Embankment

W!O!men MADe

This is a man’s world, but it wouldn’t be anything with/out…

in this man MADe world –

man-made a car, a gun, a wall, a war,

and made money, to buy from another man,

vicious repetition of creating and destroying – a virtual game for adult boys.

How long will it be continued? Who is this man?

And what about the woman made the world? How does it look like?

No one knows because the woman had no chance to try,

or because man MADe it is his creation…

This dance performance is inspired from several female artists, who were staying truthful to

their life, following the depth of inner wisdom. Through embodying the spirit of their art,

experiencing their creative path of pain and cure, and searching into their secret creativity,

the dance becomes a view of different perspectives that transgress the ready-MADe


Yuko Kaseki seeks the vulnerability and the precariousness of one’s existence, aiming to find

meaning in the moment of being together and in sharing tools for re-making a possible



Concept/ Direction/ Choreography/ Dance: Yuko Kaseki

Live Music | Performance: Valerie Renay

Co-Direction / Visual design: Teo Vlad

Costume / Stage Design: Yuko Kaseki

Photo: Sigel Eschkol

Date: October 2019

Project is supported by Check-In Georgia, Tbilisi City Hall, Hotel Rooms Tbilisi, Club KHIDI, Women’s Fund in Georgia, ARDI Insurance Media partner: Artarea


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