Shalikashvili Theatre, Rustaveli ave. #37, Tbilisi

20:00 Friday, 14 February, 2020


The topic of performance is based on Ilia Chavchavadze story “Man is the man?!” – according to which the main goal is to show people’s general deficiencies in the realistic and clarify them. Lursabi represents the type (the type who,, looks like everyone in general and none of them alone”), which exists in real, typical environment – is a Georgian phenomenon picture. Emphasis on specific aspects that are most clearly opening nature of characters from the character and core of the problem, it becomes clear that everything this is still relevant in modern society and for problem’s solving is necessary for everyone to recognize in ourselves “Luarsab” as a personal phenomenon, and not as separate, foreign character, who lived in a totally different time and environments.


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