The Body Of a women as a Battlefield

Akhmeteli Theatre, Vekua str. #8, Tbilisi

19:00 Saturday, 25 January, 2020


Matei Visniec - “The Body Of a women as a Battlefield”

A woman's body becomes a battlefield - The Face of Europe at the End of the Twentieth Century. The outlines of the tragedy are defined in Kate and Dora's dialogue - What do little nations expect? How will it be there future? When does women's body become a battlefield? This is the original version presented not only visually but also in an aesthetic point of view.

Translated By - Teona Modebadze
Directed By - Irakli Gogia
Composer – Mehran Mirmiri
Costume Designer – Salome Batlidze
Assistant Of Director – Giorgi Kaulashvili

Cast: Gvantsa Kandelaki, Sofia Sebiskveradze


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