Event by : Tkeshi

Tkeshi , Kojori , Kojori

23:00 Friday, 23 July, 2021


I - ₾ 40 Sold Out II - ₾ 50 Sold Out

Sold Out


მოცეკვავეების დაჟინებული თხოვნით - 23 ივლისს IIIIITKESHI კიდევ ერთი წვეულება გაიმართება.

ამჯერად ტყის სცენაზე ადგილს დაიკავებენ: 

•ZESKNEL (live)


Zesknel is a project focusing on live intuitive soundmaking and studio experiments. Full frequency spectrum improvised sounds. Expect some noise.

•Liza Rivs B2B Sani


Liza Rivs is a Georgian DJ and producer.  Born in post soviet Georgia and raised in Paris, France. She has appeared on the local scene since 2016. After an year she took part on the first Boiler Room in Georgia. Her music is  characterized by variety of musical selections from electro to EBM and techno.


Sani is a young georgian musician based in Paris, he produces and has experimental, electronic live acts under the alias Vue Sur Mer. His dj sets explores many genres such as dark electronics and techno.



Irakli Danelia, born in Batumi, based in Tbilisi. DJ&Producer 22y old. Khidi resident Early released at Hayes Collectiv, Lyree, Khidi Recordss, INNSIGNN.. Getting exposed to rhythms and melodies at such a young age guarantees a keen interest in music, thus it came to no one's surprise when he started getting into music production more and more seriously at the age of 16. Two years later he was already taking control of one of the most revered dance floors Georgia had to offer.



Seqta, a Berlin-based Georgian producer and DJ, Influenced by Trance / EBM / New Wave / Ghetto and Acid House / hi-NRG and breaks.


ონლაინ ბილეთების გაყიდვა დაიწყო: 

I კალათა - 40 

II კალათა - 50 

კარზე - 60

მსოფლიოში შექმნილი ვითარებიდან გამომდინარე გთხოვთ განსაკუთრებით ვიზრუნოთ ერთმანეთზე.

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