Event by: Flamingo Tbilisi

Silk Factory Studio, M. Kostava str. 59, Tbilisi

13:00 Friday, 23 November, 2018


General Admission
I - ₾ 20 Sold Out II - ₾ 30 Sold Out III - ₾ 40 Sold Out

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On November 23rd from the festival series of Newspaper “FLAMINGO” 1st musical event will host most famous Georgian and foreigner Artists.
The space of "Exhibition Stage" will host Georgian artist’s installation exhibition, the aim of this event is to combine and synthesize this field of art with electronic music. 

House music legends on 
Flamingo stage:

KEVIN SAUNDERSON - A legendary American musician and producer, one of the greatest innovators of electronic music, has made a significant contribution to the development and definition of Detroit Techno and Chicago's sound.

DELANO SMITH: The legend of the house born and brought up in Detroit. From the earliest 80s he was a resident of Detroit's most famous clubs, and later his music and dynamic screens, which were oriented on the plate / pencil sound, gained global significance.

K-HAND: The favorite of Detroit, a favorite of Detroit, is K-Hand's rare musician on the stage of electronic music, which has managed to create a completely unique niche in the dominant industry and to create a completely new sound for the world music.

PIOTR BEJNAR: A distinguished experimentalist from modern electronic music from Poland, Co-Founder of OTAKE Records, who uses uninvited techniques to create a special atmosphere. He has repeatedly used his own and listener's heart to create musical rhythm.

DINA: Canadians originated from Canada and is now a new face of DINA Techno Scenic, living in Egypt. He actively uses 3D Kingfishers and various fields of art to create a sensitive environment that gradually captures the industry's attention.

With them for the guests will be presented, Georgian DJ and producer, member of Kat records - Hatsval

Exhibition stage: 

DJ Sets:

On stage will be Georgian musician founder of liable PalmsStructure -DJ SendNudes.

Exhibition stage will occupy Georgian musician and solo EP’s (TBA) owner WILL GATES, whose musical direction is oriented on acid house, Chicago house and techno sound.

ZURKIN – famous artist of Georgian electrical musical culture and one of the owners of VODKAST RECORDS

A.Tabukashvili – one of the pioneer musician of distinctive techno stage and electronic culture, resident of KHIDI club and member of the musical project - Greenbeam & Leon

LIVE Sets:

Anushka Chkheidze - 20 years old musician, who had been contributing to her sound expression since she was a kid. To start with, Anushka spent several years at the Music School. Fortunately after she got to be singing at a small chapel. The experience she’s got by singing is “magical” and brought a lot of inspiration to the works she’s been doing after and recently. Now, she is one of the nine female participants of CES Records first upcoming release, compilation “SLEEPERS POETS SCIENTISTS”.

SAPHILEAUM – A Young DJ, producer and live performer, whose music is different by its ambient sounds. The source of his inspiration is the local scene, esoteric artefacts and facts. SAPHILEAUM's debut EP "As If Rivers Could Speak" was published in Australian Controller VIOLENCE in 2016. His work, also has been published on such labels as: NORITE, OSLATED, LETT RECORDS, STRUCTURAL REALISM (Sublabel of PALMSTRUCTURE) and SOUL GATHERING.

With them will be presented Georgian DJ and producer WROM_AKA_ANTIPPROJECT With live set.

I̶ ̶B̶a̶s̶k̶e̶t̶:̶ ̶2̶0̶ ̶G̶E̶L̶ (SOLD OUT) 
II Basket: 30 GEL 
III Basket: 40 GEL
Door: 50 GEL


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